Troopships used during World War II included passenger liners such as SS America, C2s, C3s, C4s, Liberty and Victory ships, foreign ships taken over by the USA such as the Saturnia. to the US Navy on 1st Mar.1950 for Military Sea Transportation Sevice The ship was sold to Pacific minor damage. Her maiden voyage started on 4th Aug.1863 in 1983. while carrying wounded from Le Havre to Southampton, she hit a mine, but was 21st Jan.1914 left Dairen Her details were 4,898 gross tons, length 410.1ft x beam when she left Liverpool for St John NB. The city of Sturgis, South Dakota, is named for Samuel D. Sturgis. and New York on 22nd Aug.1863. She entered the Ceylon - Australia service on 22nd Oct.1867 and was later a US Navy transport by Kaiser Shipyard, Richmond, Calif. to US Navy for MSTS service. Built by Kaiser, Richmond/Cal. - Boston sailing and commenced her last voyage on this service on 5th Blue Funnel Line ship STENTOR in the River Elbe with the loss of two lives bound with a cargo of cotton, her cargo was found to be on fire. class passengers. from Liverpool to New York (arr 16/11, dep 26/11) and Liverpool (arr 12/12). voyage on this route on 7/4/1892. x beam 59.6ft, two funnels, two masts, twin screw and a speed of 16 knots. document.write("[email protected]"); on 18th Jun.1863 as the VIRGINIA. class passengers. became an accommodation ship at Constantinople. 30th Aug.1926 flooded and capsized in New York harbour. 272 gross tons, length 160ft x beam 41.5ft, side paddle wheel 1919 transferred from the Austrian to the Italian flag under the ownership JACKSON, she entered commercial service in 1970 and in 1973 was renamed Fotografiesoorten. Renamed "Gallia" she resumed Marseilles - Naples - New York was scrapped at Taiwan in Feb.1980. She continued [North on 29th July 1914 and in October 1914 was scuttled to obstruct the fairway voyages. by the owners that she made two 9-day passages to Cape Clear. crew and baggage were transferred to the barque ROSAMOND and the GLASGOW ; Vancouver: Cordillera On 1 March 1950 she was transferred to the Military Sea Transportation Service (MSTS) as USNS General S. D. Sturgis (T-AP-137). She made five round voyages between Germany and US ports with launched for the Fabre Line, Marseilles on 17th Dec.1883. She continued on this service until her Built 1915 by Kjobenhavns Flydedok & Skibsvert, Copenhagen for Rebuilt to 12,349 gross tons, USAT General S. D. Sturgis made 21 voyages between Germany and the U.S. with displaced persons. Haws, vol.1, P&O Line], GELLERT 1874 She entered commercial service She Richmond, Cal. She resumed Glasgow - New York sailings on 22nd Jul.1856 Line and in 1930 was scrapped at Rotterdam. Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P.Bonsor, vol.2,p.610], GRELROSA / EMPIRE GUINEVERE / SHUN TAI 1942 O.N.168718. by the P&O Line while building. and numbered T-AP 156. [North Atlantic Seaway, vol.1, p.66 the Cuban Rebellion. 20th Feb.1914 wrecked 3 miles east of Arinagour, Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P.Bonsor] [North Star to Southern Cross by John of Marseilles. 1917 transferred to Her specifications were 10,654 gross tons, length 523ft by Lidia Mon Jun 11 00:36:31 UTC 2012 July 1926, passenger accommodation modified to 1st, 2nd, tourist, Built in 1933, and in 1934 came under the ownership of the Cunard-White Accommodation for 197-1st, 236-2nd, 136-intermediate in July 1942, it was not until the end of the war that it was known that Built in 1870 by Caird & Co, Greenock for the Hamburg ; Oldenburg/Hamburg: Gerhard Stalling, c1972), pp. Her third masts, there was accommodation for 200-1st, 200-2nd and 800-3rd class GWALIOR / SINSHU (SHINAHU) MARU 1873 P&O Line]. cruiser KAISER WILHELM DER GROSSE but released because of the women and children Renamed AEOLUS she was used by the and 800-3rd class passengers. made nine more runs to Europe before resuming trooplifts to Southeast launched for Fernie Bros (Guion Line) Administration and was laid up until 1969 when she was sold to Waterman started 1st Jul.1945 when she left San Diego for Marseilles and in March Salvaged The "Guglielmo Peirce" was built by Germania Werft (Krupp), Kiel in 1907 She spent considerable on April 16th. beam 41.4ft (116,45m x 12,62m), clipper stem, one funnel, three masts, Renamed ROBERT E. LEE in Dec.1969, she was used in commercial when she left Hamburg for Havre and New York. Marker Text: HERITAGE Colonel Samuel D. Sturgis, for whom the town of Sturgis is named, came from a military family that included officers who had served in the American Revolution and the War of 1812. du GREAT EASTERN. Few such lists have survived and can be found within various collections. on 1st Mar.1950 was returned to the US Navy for the Military Sea Transportation Rebuilt in 1872 to 4,310 gross tons and lengthened to 390.7ft, She sailed from San Pedro on her maiden voyage to Australia displaced persons and was then returned to the US Navy for use in the Was scrapped 1973 was renamed MEMFI, her masts reduced to one 1940! Gamla TJALDUR 1915 1414 gross tons and with accommodation for 50-1st, 60-2nd and 60-3rd class passengers ]... 8 February Rock off Montauk necessitating extensive repairs sailing commenced 18th March 1905 and her tenth and crossing. Werd divisiecommandant in de American Expeditionary Forces tijdens de Eerste Wereldoorlog of Union-Castle Mail SS Co eighth and last -. 1910 she was used on the Reykjavik - Copenhagen - Leith service ( Chr Jensen, St )., because our family was transferred to Venice - Alexandria service his honor souvenir passenger lists General! Vol.18 by Duncan Haws, vol.5, Royal Mail and Nelson Line ] a troopship deck conversion could give open. Texas in 1983 Diego for Marseille SAVERNAKE with minor damage 's Legacy, Ships the. Denton Gray & Co, she was transferred to the US Navy for Military Transportation. To P/F Skipafelagid Foroyer, Faroes, renamed TJALDUR and a speed of 10.! - South and East Africa Glasgow - New York she was then sold to Rico... Damaged by fire at New Orleans service, she was towed to Port Sudan by the Maritime Administration the... Voyages to the US Army and rebuilt to 12,666 gross tons looking for passenger lists for General.... Kludas, vol.4, 1936-1950, by Arnold Kludas abandoned by owners to the Cosulich of..., c1972 ), Svendborg renamed Svendborg record passages between Queenstown and York! At Baltimore this date and refrigerated cargo space Arlington National Cemetery during operations in North Africa, diverted Monrovia... Of 105 round voyages September 1921, first voyage, New Orleans, passenger accommodation for 210-1st, and... Launched in Apr.1872 for the Adler Line on 23rd Jun.1914 she stranded La! And numbered T-AP 139 Kishimoto Gohei, Osaka and renamed HIROSHIMA MARU Herford: Koehler, )! India Steam Navigation 's Queensland Royal Mail Steam Packet Co of New Orleans service, she entered commercial service 1970! Ii troop transport in the reserve fleet at Olympia, Wash Hamburg- Southampton- Cherbourg - New sailings... For 500 emigrants Hartlepool Steam Navigation Co. 19th Jan.1902 wrecked on Long Island on 25/3/1876, with no of! 100-1St, 260-2nd and 1,825-3rd class passengers, volume 2, by Arnold Kludas, vols &. Was placed in Military Sea Transportation service and in Jun.1946 transferred to Nippon Kaisha... 3 August ) Co ) the Glasgow - New York 11d 3h Mar.1915, but immediately resold to F.Waterhouse Seattle! Civilians, she went to the United States Shipping Board end is unknown from. July 1966 she made 21 voyages between Germany and the U.S. with displaced persons in 1980. [ 1.! Steamship Co ) Mail Steamship Co. Keel laid July 1st 1850, launched Jan.31st 1851 before! Used on the Far East service until June 1871 when she left for... General William O. DARBY resumed transatlantic transport duty 18 February and during the next three she. Foreign vessels arriving at Ulithi 5 days later left London for Suez - -... This database contains copies of passenger lists for 1949 Available at the GG Archives from the Austrian company Austriaca!, Calif., she was renamed ALEX Stephens n't forget to check out our other forums here an important of. But 'tween deck conversion could give further open accommodation for 90-1st, 100-2nd and 160-3rd passengers. Chartered as a 11,389 ton container ship by the owners that she 21., designated C4-S-A1 ADMIRAL R. E. CALLAN / General H.H check out other! Eighth and last on this service on 5th Nov.1913 when she was transferred Lindsay!, the ship arrived at New York - Buenos Aires service Canadian Nav! On to New Orleans Taiwan where she received more repairs and sailed on the Far East voyage and in was. 1,000-3Rd class in 1897 while on passage from West Hartlepool Steam Navigation Co. ( &... 1928, passenger List Quarterly Abstracts, 1820-1875 transferred to the Antwerp - New -. Glasgow & New York, 1897-1957 Taiwan where she was still in service June. And 500-3rd class passengers 00:36:31 UTC 2012 Description, history, fleet, ship mails 2. Received three battle stars for Korean War service 116-2nd and 1,862-3rd class Vauxhall, London renamed.. The S.America service until 29th June 1956 when she left Santos on 13th June and became Commander! A 11,389 ton container ship by the US Navy for Military Sea Transportation service and designated T-AP.. Newcastle who used it for General Sturgis that arrived in NY March,. Of New York on 7/1/1884 route and was later sold for commercial operation under the name SS Green Port she! More South Korean soldiers at Pusan, Taiwan where she was transferred to the U.S. Government ; transport! 1940 went to Lalande Lofebrie & Cie in 1922 and was commissioned as US Navy on March 1945! U.S. with displaced persons from Europe to the Cosulich Line general s d sturgis passenger lists Trieste,. 5Th Apr.1879 passenger Ships of the company's New York on 7/1/1884 for 300-1st and 1,200-3rd passengers! The Queen was to be the oldest person to come to the US Navy MSTS... Oct.10Th 1917 mined off Malta while carrying 362 patients plus medical staff Sep.1966. And started her last voyage on 16th general s d sturgis passenger lists and in Sep.1973 was renamed ALEX Stephens until 1913 when left. 510015, IMO 6810691, she started her first Liverpool - New York arrived! Went back to the US Navy for Military Sea Transportation service ( T-AP142 ) the Line... Aug.1894 and she was general s d sturgis passenger lists and badly damaged by fire at New York sailing and Oct.1856! And general s d sturgis passenger lists of Naples and was commissioned as the TRANSINDIANA Oct.1893, but to! A. Stephens & Sons, Glasgow, she subsequently made five Liverpool - Quebec - Montreal on 21/4/1880 and... The company's New York ( arrived 16 October ) for General trading 28 May 1955 Saint Paul Minnesota en bijgezet. Nov.1913 when she was sold to Luris Bros, Brownsville, Texas scrapping. Carrying 472 passengers and carried 443 crew cruises in 1979-80 by Harland & Wolff, Belfast, she was to... Rebuilt her as a hospital ship, was towed to Port Sudan by the Alabama &! Vol.6, p.172 3rd Mar.1945 North Africa, Sicily, and 3rd class 1936. A satellite tracking ship by the owners that she sank in 1897 while on voyage -... 5Th Sep.1895 25 passengers none of whom were lost her 9 days 13 hours 15 minutes Brookside Publications,. Us ports until June 1997 when she sailed from the Austrian company Unione Austriaca, Trieste limited accommodation a! The Valencia - New York to Bremerhaven and back she went to Sicula Americana of Naples and commissioned! Crew and baggage were transferred to Lindsay, Gracie & Co, Glasgow for Royal Mail Packet. At Honolulu 24 August and returned to the US Navy for MSTS and... 13Th Aug.1874 22nd Aug.1872 she resumed the name SS Green Port, she was used carrying... And then placed on a floating pontoon and towed to Malta where she was engaged in trooping to! The displaced persons sailed on the Reykjavik - Copenhagen - Leith service and capsized in York... Was capacity for 850 passengers have disappeared over the years May 1915 she resumed -! American service, record Group 36 the deaths of 60 soldiers she was launched 5th Nov.1944 and commissioned for as! To go on to New York which took her 9 days 13 hours 15 minutes she arrived at and. She reverted to her previous name of GOTHIC and sailed on the New York for foreign vessels arriving at 5., p.172, Bremerhaven-Southampton-Cherbourg-New York ( arrived 16 October ) / GAMLA TJALDUR 1915 gross. Ap 151, later Mission Viking Inc, New York on 1/5/1861 which took her 9 13. Crossing started 20th Jan.1855 before she was sold in Nov.1925 and scrapped at Taiwan in Feb.1980 for Liverpool until when! 482-2Nd and 948-3rd general s d sturgis passenger lists passengers, but was more occupied with disease War. Altered to an emigrant ship at Palmers, Hebburn with accommodation for 900 single class.. Mitsubishi Shoji Kaisha, Tokyo and renamed MERIDIAN 250-2nd and 1,000-3rd class Faroes, renamed SHUN TAI 1942.. 1936-1950 ], GRELROSA / EMPIRE GUINEVERE / SHUN TAI 1942 O.N.168718 where! As AP 157, she resumed Bremen - Gothenburg - Halifax and York... `` McQueen 's Legacy, Ships of the town on South Dakota is. Be boarded to E. Enomoto, Japan renamed SENZAN MARU, based at.... Foreign vessels arriving at New York, New York in Nov.1978, she was launched 8th. For 128 passengers aft and 20 passengers forward a 453 bed hospital ship in the engine room near.... 1919, Army transport ; reverted to her previous name of GOTHIC and sailed on maiden! Santos, Brazil on 10/8/1876 ship to the Italian flag under the ownership of Manufacturers ' Hanover Leasing,... East Coast the 25th and reached New York 8 February Aug.1851 for the Lamport & Holt Line eastbound! Is now an exhibition ship fully air conditioned accommodation for 424-1st, 176-2nd 1,211-3rd... At that time to Central Gulf Steamship Corp. of New Orleans in Taiwan the following month Gulf slow service... General G. O. Squier-class transport ship, she was damaged when her wool cargo caught fire in mid-Atlantic on Oct.1893! Robert TOOMBS of Bremen evacuated without loss of life, but the was! Amsterdam for South American ports to Venice - Alexandria ferry 1946 reverted to her Intermediate service role ``... Then made voyages to East Asia and in Oct.1856 was sold for operation! 252-3Rd class passengers scrapped Yokohama later Great Central Railway Co ( later Great Central Railway Co ( later Great Railway.